County Administrator

Jason Booth
Phone:  740-393-6703


Robyn Crow
Phone:  740-393-6703

Office Location

117 East High Street
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
Phone:  740-393-6703

Office Hours

Monday thru Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed weekends and holidays

The Commissioners office acts as the liaison between almost every department of the entire county, including the courts, outside agencies and community service organizations. The Commissioners fiscally oversee the General Fund Budget of the county, and is the appropriating authority for all county tax dollars.

Each county elected official is charged to perform the duties of their individual elected office, but the Board of County Commissioners performs administrative and fiscal duties that coordinate total county operations. There are 23 departments that fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Board of Commissioners.

The Board of County Commissioners consists of three members who serve staggered terms. Two county Commissioners are elected in an even numbered year, and the third Commissioner is elected two years later.

The following summarizes duties performed by the County Commissioners:


  • Establish and execute policy
  • Hold title to all county property/buildings
  • County contracting authority
  • Appoints boards and commissions
  • Provides office space for all county offices
  • Personnel & employee benefit administration
  • County legislative authority


  • Allocates funds to county offices
  • Budget & monitor expenditures
  • Bond issue authority
  • Investments
  • Purchasing
  • Taxing authority

Development, Solid Waste, Infrastructure & Human Services

  • Airports
  • Annexation
  • Children services
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Development regulations
  • Ditch hearings
  • Economic Development
  • Jails
  • Workforce Investment Act
  • Juvenile justice
  • Mental health and retardation
  • County Parks
  • Roads and bridges
  • Solid Waste Management thru DKMM
  • Water and sewer
  • Welfare
  • Zoning

Departments directly under the county commissioners purview

  • 911
  • Animal Control/Dog Shelter
  • Building and Grounds
  • Litter and Recycling
  • Safety & Loss Prevention/HR
  • Water and Wastewater