Knox County Sheriff's Office

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Our duties are to maintain a safe and secure jail, perform services of the court, and perform law enforcement services to residents of the county while upholding the US Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Ohio.

Our mission is to perform these duties fairly, impartially, professionally, and efficiently. We will strive to conduct ourselves with honor, integrity, and high ethical standards.

Services & Training



ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) is a form of response to active threats in schools, businesses, churches, and other locations where people may gather. Those who receive ALICE training have more options to respond in a crisis beyond waiting for help to arrive. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office offers this training to schools and any other interested organizations or individuals.
ALICE training covers more than simple classroom instruction on how to react to an incident. Developing new policies and procedures and learning how best to coordinate with outside agencies is a core element of incident preparedness.
ALICE training is a service of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and costs nothing to host. For more information, get in touch with us at (740) 397-3333 and ask to speak with one of our ALICE instructors.

Drug Drop-Off Box

Drop off any old, expired, or unused medications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Drop-Off Box is located in the lobby. Please no liquids, injectables, or inhalers. Remove all pills from their original package and place into plastic bags for easy disposal.

Residential History ADA Form

The Knox County, Ohio First Responders have created this voluntary form specifically designed to help us improve our response to calls from the residents of our county who may have a disability.
Click here to fill out the form.

Victim Rights Form

Victims of crime have constitutionally protected rights. This form provides information about those rights and allows law enforcement to know which rights you wish to exercise.
Click Here to fill out the form.


Thank you for completing the First Responders Residential History ADA Form

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