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Incoming Commitments Information

Inmate Accounts

To add money to an inmate’s account, click here.
*If the inmate owes jail fees, then any money placed on their account will be applied to their debt.

If you have any questions regarding inmate phone calls or billing:
click here for support information or call 1 (800) 844-6591.

Reimbursement Program

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 2929.37 & 2929.38, the Knox County Jail has established a reimbursement program for convicted inmates. Any prisoner who has been convicted of an offense is required to pay all or part of the costs of confinement.
Self-initiated nonemergency services that require a co-pay
Medical staff assessment $5.00
Physician sick call $10.00
Dental Clinic $10.00
Pharmacy handling fee $5.00
OTC Medicines $0.10/per pill
These co-pays will be deducted from the inmate’s commissary
All sentenced inmates booked into and released from the Knox County Jail will be assessed an inmate processing fee (IPF) of $20.00 to assist in defraying the cost of intake processing and release. The fee will be deducted from your commissary account.

Video Visitation

Visitation hours are 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM , seven days a week with some block-out times.
There are two ways to visit an inmate at the Knox County Jail:

1. Onsite visit in the lobby using the Video Visitation terminal.
2. Remote visit from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Setting up a visit is easy! Just follow these steps:

To be approved to visit an inmate, you will need a Positive Picture I.D. That can include:

Mail Procedures


Thank you for completing the First Responders Residential History ADA Form

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