Knox Soil & Water Conservation District

Mission Statement

The mission of the Knox Soil & Water Conservation District is to encourage the sustainable use of soil, water, and other natural resources through local leadership, providing technical assistance, and outreach to all citizens of Knox County.

News and Noteworthy

Upcoming Board of Supervisors meeting:
Wednesday April 17th, 2024 @ 8:00pm / 160 Columbus Rd. Mount Vernon, OH 43019

2024 Annual Tree Sale Is Wrapping Up!

We are wrapping up this year’s tree sale, HOWEVER, we do still have limited supply of some species. Please call our office (740-393-6724) for an up-to-date list of trees we still have and to place an order. If you have already ordered trees, they will be arriving this week (April 1st)! Our staff will be bundling orders and preparing to deliver them late next week. Thanks for your support and happy planting!

Knox Soil & Water has a new Education Trailer! The trailer was finished in the Summer of 2023 and unveiled at the 2023 Knox County Fair. The trailer consists of four different educational modules covering topics relating to natural resources and conservation. In addition to our modules, there are posters to look at as well as flyers, pamphlets, and activity books for children. Knox SWCD must accompany the trailer and will be present to answer questions.

If you are an educator or holding an event in Knox County and would like to schedule a time to have the trailer visit, please call or stop by our office. If you are in a surrounding county, you can schedule the use of our trailer for a fee that will be determined based on mileage and duration.


Be sure to check out our trailer at this year’s Knox County fair! We will be inside the Merchant’s Building. 


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