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Be the Change for Clean Water is a collaborative effort between conservation agencies and partners in 10 Central Ohio counties. Through this collaboration partners can provide education, resources, and opportunities to make it easier for all Central Ohio residents to Be the Change for Clean Water.
Since its inception, Be the Change has been focused on developing various conservation messages geared towards promoting water quality. These messages are promoted simultaneously across the 10 county target area for 3-4 months. The target audience can be fluid depending on the message, but includes residential homeowners, farmers, urban businesses, land management companies, cities, and townships.
Whether you are concerned about water pollution, looking to participate in outdoor recreation activities, interested in volunteering, want to protect local wildlife, wish to join community leaders in developing policies and programs, or need to know how to properly dispose of trash this site is for you.
Visit by clicking the logo below and together we can all Be the Change for Clean Water.

Current Message: Protect the Edge

Whether its grasses, native wildflowers, or trees, buffer strips will help shield waterbodies from receiving excess nutrients. Buffer strips absorb some surface runoff and act as a natural filter of fertilizers, chemicals, and sediment before they enter into a waterway, stream, creek, or ditch.


Buffer strips planted into native grasses and forbs double as habitat for pollinators and other beneficial insects, grassland birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Once established, these buffer strips are low maintenance and look beautiful as well! USDA has cost-share programs available for installing buffer strips on farm and range lands. 

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