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Deer Damage Control Permits

If you have filed a deer damage complaint, you may NOT kill deer until a Deer Damage Control Permit (DDCP) has been issued to you. All shooters MUST be listed on your DDCP and be approved prior to killing deer under the permit. If you had a DDCP and wish to continue killing nuisance deer, you MUST file a complaint and someone will contact you to schedule an investigation.

Requirements for Deer Damage Control Permits

  • All shooters must have a VALID Hunting License to be able to use the DDCP.
  • All deer killed under a DDCP should be promptly checked-in online at the link provided on your permit.
  • Your DDCP is ONLY valid during the dates listed on the permit.
  • An investigation will be conducted for each deer damage complaint prior to issuing a DDCP. If an investigation has occurred within the past 3 years, a renewal permit may be issued.
  • You may NOT kill more deer than the amount of tags issued on your permit.
  • You may NOT keep the antlers from any deer killed under a DDCP.
  • If most of your deer damage is from deer rubs during the Fall and Winter, then you are encouraged to have legal hunters utilize the legal deer seasons to harvest deer.
  • If you have deer damage and wish to file a complaint, please do so by clicking on the following link ->


    If you have questions or concerns about deer or other wildlife damage, please call or email our Wildlife Specialist, Brian Hackett, at [email protected].


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